***Hello Kandi Kids! I get a ton of messages asking kandi advice and unfortunately I don't have the time
to respond. Here are a few tips I have provided to guide you all in the right direction***

Perler tips:
•When making a perler, start with the outline first. It's the best guide.
• Use new clean parchment paper (not wax paper) you can purchase it in the baking section of the grocery store.
•If your iron sticks when you try to use it, heat it up lightly and clean it with goo gone. Please do not breathe this in.
• Always iron both sides to prevent breaking.
• Never buy knock off or off-brand beads. They tend to be low quality and break easily. Always buy perler brand.
• Youtube will become your best friend.
• Some people prefer the taping method, i've personally never tried it.

Here's some of my favorite bead stores, youtube channels and facebook groups to help you out!

Make sure you all donate to PLUR For Kidz! We're sharing love for our community and helping sick children one bracelet at a time!
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Perler Patterns:
kandi patterns

Pony Beads (shop):
Bead tin
Emoji Friends
Joanns (online has more options than in store)

Perlers (shop):
Joanns (sometimes 50% off in store and online)

Youtube - Mariah Galaxy Girl Clayton

Facebook groups:
Facebook - Kandi Land

Shop gorgeous alien-wear by Lunar Threadz  (15% off using coupon Code "KristynKandi")


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